Kanye West spent over 50 thousand dollars on dinner in Paris

Kanye West spent over 50 thousand dollars on dinner in Paris

Kanye West splurged over 50 thousand dollars on a lavish dinner with friends and colleagues in Paris. The rapper and his wife, Bianca Sensori, made their way to the French capital for fashion week, turning heads with their unique outfits.

Reportedly, they extended invitations to around 30 individuals, including friends, French associates, and figures from the music and sports industries who were in town for the annual fashion festivities. The gathering took place at a private residence in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district.

The party organizer shared with The US Sun, “Kanye loves playing the perfect host,” emphasizing his generous nature. He spared no expense, especially when it came to wine, spending over $40,000 on five bottles of Pinot Noir at $3,950 each, ten bottles of Bordeaux at $1,000 each, and Dom Perignon champagne at $7,440. Cristal Brut was also served.

The insider added, “He doesn’t hold back when it comes to splurging on food and drinks. He has a taste for French cuisine.”

Guests were treated to appetizers like black caviar at $320 for 30 grams, smoked salmon priced at $3100, and steak costing $1340.

The organizer mentioned Kanye’s preference for top-quality meat and ingredients, noting that this wasn’t the first time he had made such extravagant requests. “We adore him,” the source said. “He doesn’t keep track of his spending; what matters most to him is that everyone enjoys themselves.”

Kanye’s willingness to spend big on a luxurious dining experience is well-known. An insider revealed that he once paid renowned Italian chef Massimo Bottura $150,000 to host a party in Italy.