10 rules of fashion that are irretrievably outdated

10 rules of fashion that are irretrievably outdated

Hayblog presents ten rules of fashion, which are hopelessly outdated and can even be considered bad taste.

Shoes and bag must be the same color

It’s hard to say where this rule came from, but it has long since had nothing to do with fashion. If women want to have an interesting image, then you can choose the bag to match the pattern of the dress or even the color of big earrings and bracelet.

No more than three colors on an outfit

This rule has long caused doubts among stylists, but it finally defeated the style trend called colourblocking. This trend fundamentally excludes the presence of minor colors in the image, instead allowing to create wonderful looks, including different shades of the same color.

Sports shoes – gym only

Last year, a real style revolution took place. sports shoes stopped being only “sporty”, now even Dior and Chanel produce sports shoes “for life”, and stylish beauties combine them even with evening dresses.

Gold and silver cannot be combined

This is also an outdated notion. Some brands even produce jewelry with such a combination. For example, a bracelet made of gold and white metal can easily be combined with both gold and silver rings.

Shiny fabrics – only in the evening

Today, the boundaries of evening and casual styles have almost merged. For example, a pencil skirt decorated with stages can be worn both at work and in the evening, combining it with matching shirts and bags.

Denim does not go with denim

The pinnacle of modern fashion is the total denim look. True, not everyone succeeds in a competent combination, but if it really succeeds, then it is unparalleled. Those who are still experimenting can take an example from Rihanna or Kim Kardashian, whose denim style is considered the most successful.

Fat women can’t wear tight clothes

Plus size women are especially recommended to wear pencil skirts and strict style pants rather than wide and shapely dresses.

White color can be worn only in summer

Cold weather does not imply a dark palette at all. Of course, a white or light-colored coat will make you more cautious, but it’s definitely worth having one, especially since you can profitably stand out in the general gray.

A combination of different patterns

This, of course, requires special skill, but there are options that can be combined without difficulty, for example, layers and putters; the color gamut is also important here.

Showing up to important events without pantyhose

It is considered that in serious companies, bare legs are forbidden, but now the beauty industry has already found an alternative way – the so-called “liquid pantyhose”. But tights are not appropriate at evening events, because the spotlights can turn even the most delicate tights into “shiny legs”.