20 routines that will make your life better

20 routines that will make your life better

Keep a diet, get rid of the habit of smoking, go to the gym every day. these are decisions that are given to us with great difficulty, but to achieve results, we start with small steps.

We present to you 20 easy habits that will help you live life more easily and not be afraid of important decisions.

1. Always smile at everyone and it doesn’t matter if you are an acquaintance or a stranger.

2. When you wake up, stretch like a cat, then stand and, according to the body’s instructions, go forward and backward, relax the muscles, move the neck and allow the body to relax. And, most importantly, take a deep breath and exhale 5 times.

3. Always have a notebook handy, even if it’s an electronic one. This will help you to record beautiful and necessary thoughts at every moment.

4. Find the color of red lipstick that will suit your complexion perfectly.

5. Walk at least half of your journey in steps.

6. Try to say no to all the times you said yes just to please someone.

7. Before going to the store, write a list of what to buy.

8. Block services that keep trying to lure you with promotions.

9. Use SPF smoothing creams.

10. Go ice skating at least once during the winter. Not just do it, but you might actually like it.

11. Keep track of all your expenses and at the end of the month, see what you get.

12. Bring freshness to your workplace. either a perennial flower or take fresh flowers every day.

13. Mark on the calendar what you have to do that day or time.

14. Find a very good clothing designer and order clothes that you really like.

15. Before going to the grocery store, be sure to eat.

16. Place a balloon-like ball under the desk. Whenever you get tired, take off your shoes and kick the ball.

17. Drink a few sips of clean water every time you come back from the toilet.

18. Consult with experts and find the shape of underwear that will be ideal for your body.

19. Turn off all electronic devices an hour before bed.

20. Go to bed 20 minutes earlier than you actually want to.