8 powerful Google services you didn’t know about

The organization Google is most often associated with its search engine. Then people think of email, maps, Google translation services. However, as the website facte.ru writes, in addition to these well-known services, Google also provides less well-known, but no less interesting and useful services.

1. Google Mars. Everyone is aware that Google has already photographed the Earth from different angles and created maps based on these photos. However, the company has also carried out some work on the planet Mars. In cooperation with one of the American agencies, Google has collected data about the red planet, which have been the basis of the Google Mars service. In addition, you can admire the panoramas of Mars through the Google Earth program.

2. Google Body. This program contains a visual representation of the human body, which can be useful both for students of medical universities and for those interested in the structure of the human body. The program makes it possible to study the entire human body, including the smallest veins.

3. Google Person Finder. This program was initially created as a way to reconnect individuals with friends and relatives after natural disasters and crisis situations. The project was created against the World Trade Center in 2001. after the attack.

4. Google Cultural Institute. This Google service allows you to get to know the samples and archives of different museums around the world. Through this service, Google has organized an exhibition of world cultural values ​​on the Internet, where everyone can visit.

5. Music Timeline. With this program you can see which musical trends are most preferred since 1950. In addition, you can get acquainted with the names of the most famous artists, their released albums.

6. The reCAPTCHA program enables you to protect your site from spam.

7. Google Trends. Want to keep up with fashion trends? Want to compare the popularity of different brands? Then you can use this program which provides other services as well.

8. Google Helpouts. This service is designed to enable people to seek advice in specific areas. It offers video lessons in culture, music, electronics, healthcare, cooking and more. Most services are paid.