An unusual collection of rare microcars was shown in the USA

An unusual collection of rare microcars was shown in the USA

In the collection you can find many rare and unusual cars with an interesting history. Even the Amphicar Model 770 amphibious vehicle is being sold at auction.

At the Mecum auction a collection of more than 50 rare microcars was put up. Some models were released in the 1950s. This was reportedon the Hemmings website.

This collection belonged to the late Ken Weger. He kept most of his cars in a private museum, the Museum of Small Wonders. in American Crystal Lake.

Among these cars there are several very rare examples. For example, the famous Amphicar, which is a production amphibious vehicle that was produced from 1961 to 1968.

Another “pearl” collection is the Crosley Super Sport. This is one of the first miniature models in the USA.

One of the oldest microcars in the collection is the Carden Cyclecar with an air-cooled two-cylinder engine. Up for sale is a 1920 model.

Also in the collection you can find the Victoria 250 Roadster sports car from 1958 and the iconic BMW Isetta 600 from 1959. Not all cars are in excellent condition, but they can be restored.

In addition, the collection includes an unusual Snyder ST600-C from 2012. This car is based on the Daewoo Matiz and has only three wheels.

All cars can be viewed live in the showroom. Bidding ends on December 9th.