Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro – first reviews of an expensive and very specific gadget

Journalists’ impressions of the future Apple Vision Pro headset have begun to appear on the Internet  ahead of its full release next month. Opinions were mixed.

Let us remind you that Apple Vision Pro is a completely new gadget from the company. This device is in the form of a ski mask for watching movies, communicating and working. Apple itself describes it as “a revolutionary spatial computer that changes everything.” 

The editor of Engadget noted that the release version of the Apple Vision Pro comes with a strap that stretches and attaches to the back of the head. However, the headset turned out to be extremely heavy: after 15 minutes of use, the reviewer felt tired in his neck, and after 20 minutes of use, pain appeared.

However, Apple quickly solved this problem by offering a new mount with an additional Dual Loop strap – it is fixed on the top of the head. Everyone will be able to adapt the device to suit themselves; the manufacturer offers the widest possible possibilities for this. 

When watching advertising spatial videos, you get the feeling of being in the frame. The user feels like a ghost, located in the middle of events, while remaining invisible. The reviewer noted that it looks and feels incredible, and there is nothing to compare it to. Maximum immersion. 

But the virtual keyboard was one of the most annoying moments. It is quite difficult to type on it, it is inconvenient, you will have to get used to it. Conclusion – it’s still difficult to imagine using Vision Pro for work; it’s more of a personal home theater.

The Verge compared  the process of customizing Apple Vision Pro for a specific user with scanning a face for an iPhone using Face ID. The helmet itself is installed on the head in the same way as other similar headsets. The reviewer also complained about the uncomfortable keyboard and the significant weight of the device. One of the advantages is a magnificent VR image.

Overall, of all the virtual, mixed and augmented reality headsets, the Vision Pro is by far the best and most thoughtful. But at this stage, this is a very specific device – firstly, you are unlikely to want to wear it as a watch, even if it is a unique experience. Secondly, the $3,500 price tag.

Pre-orders for the Vision Pro in the US will open on January 19, and full sales will begin on February 2. The headset will be released in other countries only in 2025. Apple is also preparing a simplified version of Vision Pro at half the price to make the product a massive hit.

And in a couple of months, Apple will have  a spring presentation , where they should show new laptops and tablets. According to insiders, iPad Pro will receive the largest upgrade in the last 5 years.