Emma Stone accepts the Oscar for Best Actress in the “Broken” Gown

Emma Stone accepts the Oscar for Best Actress in the “Broken” Gown

Emma Stone overcame a wardrobe malfunction to secure her Oscars victory.

“Oh dear, my gown seems to have a mishap,” Stone, aged 35, remarked as she accepted the Best Actress accolade for her portrayal of Bella Baxter in Poor Things on Sunday, March 10. “I believe it occurred during ‘I’m Just Ken,’” Stone joked, alluding to Ryan Gosling’s earlier performance that evening, where she confidently sang along as he passed her the microphone.

Petra Flannery’s styling expertise was evident in Stone’s attire, a unique peplum dress by Louis Vuitton. The strapless neckline and fitted skirt showcased the dress’s custom design.

However, as Stone rose to accept the award, a slight mishap occurred – the zipper of the bespoke creation seemed to be open, revealing torn fabric. Hastily, Stone held onto the back of the gown as she hurried towards the stage to deliver her heartfelt speech. Alongside acknowledging the fashion faux pas, Stone sincerely conveyed her thankfulness and deep appreciation for being nominated for such a prestigious accolade.

This situation is truly overwhelming. Additionally, my voice is slightly strained. Nevertheless, I would like to express my admiration for the women in this particular category. Sandra, Annette, Carey, Lily, I want to share this momentous occasion with all of you. I am profoundly grateful to be able to share this experience with each and every member of the cast, as well as every individual who dedicated their love and effort to the creation of this film.

I am truly thankful for the extraordinary opportunity I had in portraying Bella Baxter. I would like to extend my gratitude to my family, especially my beloved husband, Dave. I love you dearly. Above all, I want to express my deepest appreciation to my daughter, who will be turning three in just three days. Please refrain from looking at the back of my dress.