George Clooney may lose his expensive mansion in the UK

American actor George Clooney may be left without a home in the UK. And all because his luxurious mansion suffered from flooding due to heavy rains. The Mirror writes about this .

It is noted that Clooney is the owner of a large territory, on which, in addition to the house, there is his own cinema, wine cellar, garden and swimming pool. All this is estimated at 15 million pounds sterling (this is approximately 727 million hryvnia).

However, the garden and surrounding area are already under water, and the amount of future losses after the flood has not yet been announced.

There is a possibility that the bad weather will continue in the coming days.

“There is a chance that wind gusts could reach 60-70mph, mainly along exposed coasts, although on a wider scale we will see a shorter period of heavy, squally rain with hail and thunder in a few locations. There is an increased chance of flooding and destruction.” , say weather forecasters in the UK.

Clooney himself has not yet commented on this incident.

What we know about George Clooney’s house

George and his wife purchased an estate in the UK back in 2014. In total it has nine bedrooms and a large area.

However, this is not the first time the house has been damaged by bad weather – previously, flooding destroyed the tennis courts, veranda and also the garden. The couple spent a long time making repairs and restoring flooded areas.