Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat today. Combos, cards and cipher

Hamster Kombat today. Combos, cards and cipher

The developers of the game Hamster Kombat have published a new combo of cards in the Telegram messenger.

The combo in the game always consists of three cards that need to be purchased or upgraded for in-game currency. From June 15 to 16, a set will be relevant that includes Apps Center Listing, P2P trading and NFT Collection Launch cards. They can be found in the Specials and Markets sections.

Once players have collected all the cards, five million units of the in-game currency HMSTR will be instantly added to their Hamster Kombat account.

Here is the name of the cards for getting 5 million coins for a combo:

Product team — (PR & Team section) IT Team — (PR & Team section) YouTube Gold Button — (раздел Specials)

Hamster Kombat

The new code to get 1 million coins is SATOSHI. Here’s how to enter it:

Letter S: • • •

Letter A: • —

Letter T: —

Letter O: —

Letter S: • • •

Letter H: ••••

Letter I: ••

“-” is a long tap

“•” is a quick tap

Hamster Kombat can be played on Telegram without downloading and installing the application. One of the unique features of the project is a system of daily rewards for completing special tasks. Apparently, the developers came up with this format in order to attract more players.

The developers promise that after adding Hamster Kombat to the crypto exchange, players will be able to exchange earned points for cryptocurrency and then convert it into real money.