Help overcome depression: scientists made an interesting discovery

Scientists have found that smells are more effective than words in awakening positive memories. And it can help people with depression get rid of negative thoughts, writes New York Post .

This conclusion was reached by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh. The results of their work showed that the smells triggered memories that seemed more “vivid, exciting and real.”

The study involved 32 people aged 18 to 55 years suffering from depressive disorders. They were asked to experience 12 aromas and smells (specifically, Vicks VapoRub, ground coffee, coconut oil, cumin powder, red wine, vanilla extract, clove bulbs, shoe polish, orange essential oil and ketchup).

Lead study author Kimberly Young noted that depressed people who smelled a familiar smell were more likely to remember a specific memory or event (for example, they were at a coffee shop a week ago) rather than a more general memory.

“It was surprising to me that no one had previously thought of studying memories in depressed people using odor signals,” the specialist added.