How to get rich, millionaire Bodo Schaefer rules

How to get rich, millionaire Bodo Schaefer rules

Millionaire, “financial coach” Bodo Schaefer’s principles of achieving wealth.

Transfer 25% of the profit and 50% of the super profit to a separate account . Invest that money later. Banks only pay pennies and only save money from inflation.

Save money.  It is possible to become a millionaire only by saving money and throwing money back.
Love money.

Our misfortune is a bad attitude towards money. No one is saying that you should completely deprive yourself of pleasures, but everything should be reasonable.

Make a 7-10 year financial plan.  Decide what you are striving for and how much you want to earn in one, two, five years. Decide what you need to do about it.

Dreams don’t have to be small. Think globally.  Dream of billions and great success. Break big dreams into smaller goals. Consistently pursue those small goals that lead to the big dream.

Think like a billionaire.  Try to think in terms of rich people.

Be confident.  Money and people love confident people. Believe in your success even when things are bad.

Don’t be afraid of problems.  Learn to be happy even with setbacks and failures. Big dreams are often born from big problems and difficulties. Solving problems makes you stronger.

After falling, the riser becomes stronger.  This is a particularly relevant rule for those who have dealt with a crisis.

Financial freedom goes through financial restrictions . Financial well-being is impossible without financial restrictions and spending planning. If you decide to do something, but don’t do it within 72 hours, there’s an 85% chance you’ll never do it again.

Do you believe we will get rich?  It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, but if you can follow the simple rules of managing your own finances, you will definitely get rich. Moreover, not later than in 7-10 years.

Just 20% of the effort can yield 80% of the results.
80% effort brings 20% result, respectively.

Wealth is our birthright . To be rich, it is not necessary to be born in a rich family. it is enough to be able to handle money correctly and strive for perfection.

Self-confidence and positive attitude are important principles of financial success.  Keep a success notebook. I recommend writing down five things you did well every day. If that doesn’t work, just write that you just liked the day.

Think about health.  Without health, success is impossible. Wealth without health does not bring joy.

You need good knowledge to earn well.  Strive to constantly learn, read, expand the worldview. Fools get lucky only in casinos and rarely.

Wealth is what you save . Not what you spent at the casino, restaurant or store.

You are not paid as much as you are worth.  If you’re earning less than value, that’s exactly what it’s worth. If something doesn’t satisfy you, change your job, your lifestyle, change yourself.