I am not going to give up. What did Biden’s annual message to Putin say

During his third annual address to Congress, President Joe Biden emphasized the accomplishments of his administration, discussing topics such as infrastructure, student debt relief, abortion rights, and gun control.

The leader of the White House consistently voiced his disapproval of “his predecessor” without explicitly mentioning the name of the previous president, Trump.

Joe Biden’s third address as president served as a platform to demonstrate the physical and mental capabilities of the 81-year-old leader, affirming his readiness to guide the nation for another four years.

Commencing his speech, the US president issued a cautionary statement regarding the assault on democratic principles both within the United States and internationally.

Biden made a resolute pledge that he would not yield to Russian President Vladimir Putin, openly criticizing his adversary Donald Trump right from the outset of his address.

Highlighting the significance of the moment, the US president emphasized, “My predecessor, the Republican former president, conveys to Putin: do as you please. I, however, will not submit. Undoubtedly, history is in the making.” He further urged the divided Congress to authorize military assistance for Ukraine.

Addressing the room, Biden asserted, “If anyone within this chamber believes that Putin will halt at Ukraine, I assure you, he will not. Yet, Ukraine possesses the ability to deter Putin if we extend our support and equip them with the necessary weaponry for self-defense. This is the sole request of Ukraine; they do not seek the presence of American soldiers.”

During his speech that lasted over an hour, Biden also expressed his disapproval of Trump’s approach to immigration.

“I will not tarnish the reputation of immigrants by claiming that they are polluting our society,” Biden stated, referring to Trump’s infamous remarks. He urged Congress to take action and pass immigration reform.

Addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the US president cautioned Tel Aviv that he cannot negotiate when it comes to providing aid to the people. He called for an immediate ceasefire with Hamas.

“To the leaders of Israel, humanitarian aid should not be treated as a secondary matter or a bargaining chip. The protection and preservation of innocent lives must take precedence,” emphasized the US president. He also reminded everyone that Israel launched military operations in response to Hamas’ attack on October 7th last year. Biden stressed that the militants have the power to end the conflict by releasing the hostages.

Simultaneously with Joe Biden’s speech, a protest took place in front of the White House and the Capitol buildings, demanding a ceasefire in Gaza.

Throughout the president’s speech, Republican congressmen frequently booed and jeered Biden. However, he responded with humor and mocked his opponents on various topics, ranging from tax cuts for billionaires to their lack of seriousness regarding climate change.