Infiniti will release a new crossover in 2025

Infiniti will release a new crossover in 2025

In 2025, Japanese automaker Infiniti is set to launch a fresh model in the market. This new vehicle will be a sleek crossover designed to cater to the needs of customers, as reported by Motor.

The introduction of this new car is aimed at filling a perceived gap in the company’s product lineup. The upcoming model is expected to share similarities with existing Infiniti vehicles, without any major technological advancements.

Additionally, Infiniti is gearing up to unveil its first electric sedan and an updated version of the Infiniti QX80 crossover.

Automotive News has revealed that the upcoming crossover will be based on the current generation Infiniti QX60 platform, inheriting some of its features.

Infiniti has stated that the new car will feature a two-row cabin and will target families with grown-up, independent children, in contrast to the QX60 which is more suited for families with young kids.

Apart from the new model, the next few years will also see the launch of the new generation Infiniti QX80, expected to be a more upscale variant of the Nissan Armada.

The debut of this vehicle is anticipated in 2022 or early 2023. As for Infiniti’s first electric car, it is unlikely to hit the market before 2025, with no name for the model confirmed yet.