Kim Kardashian is upset with Kanye West’s post

Kim Kardashian is upset by her ex-husband Kanye West’s public outburst, which demanded that her children be removed from the elite private school they attend.

A source told TMZ that Kim is “frustrated with Kanye’s constant public attacks and naming of the school because it always creates safety issues for their children.”

According to the insider, Kim is also disappointed that the rapper told her children that they “don’t need school.” The source added that Kim enrolled her children at Sierra Canyon because it has a reputation as a “fantastic school” and because “kids need consistency in their lives.”

“The only solution Kanye has offered as a complaint against the school, where the children attend preschool, is to send them to unaccredited teachers at his own unaccredited school, Donda Academy, which is riddled with lawsuits,” the insider added.

Kim was said to have allowed her children to participate in extracurricular activities at Donda Academy, but later stopped doing so after the school closed.

Earlier, Kanye took to Instagram to demand that Kim pull the kids out of a “fake celebrity school.” “The system took me away from my father, and the system took me away from my children,” he said.