Penelope Cruz Unveils Insights on ‘Ferrari,’ Parenthood, and Aging in Elle’s Fresh Feature

Penelope Cruz Unveils Insights on ‘Ferrari,’ Parenthood, and Aging in Elle’s Fresh Feature

Penelope Cruz graces the pages of Elle, radiating elegance in chic captures and delving into various topics with refreshing candor. In an exclusive interview with the magazine, the Spanish actress delves into her portrayal in the film “Ferrari,” the art of aging gracefully, and the nuances of parenthood.

Renowned for her portrayal of real-life characters, Cruz reflects on her role in “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story,” where she portrayed Donatella Versace. However, as Elle highlights, her character in “Ferrari,” Laura Ferrari, presented a distinctive challenge. Notably, Laura was not a globally recognized figure, prompting Cruz to embrace the responsibility of giving voice to her character for the first time.

Recalling her experience during filming in Modena, Penelope recounts encountering individuals who knew Laura personally. “They seemed reluctant to acknowledge her resilience. Did you know she used to sleep among the tires the night before races to prevent tampering? Yet, some dismissed her as difficult and unpredictable, even labeling her as ‘crazy’—a term historically used to undermine women.”

The actress bravely opens up about her fear of driving, stemming from a childhood trauma when her sister was struck by a car before her eyes. This poignant event left an indelible mark on Cruz, shaping her perspective on automobiles and safety.

Despite her prominence as a maternal figure in cinema, Cruz reveals that she embraced motherhood long before becoming a parent herself. Now, she reflects on the significance of her decision to wait until she felt emotionally prepared to embark on this transformative journey.

While Cruz and her husband, Javier Bardem, shield their children, Luna and Leo, from public scrutiny, she affirms their autonomy in deciding whether to pursue careers in the limelight. She underscores the importance of allowing them to make informed choices about their future paths.

In a world dominated by social media, Cruz emphasizes the importance of safeguarding her children from the pitfalls of online exposure. With no social media accounts or smartphones, she prioritizes their well-being and protection from potential manipulation.

Amidst the perpetual scrutiny of Hollywood, Cruz remains unfazed by discussions surrounding her age, viewing each milestone as a celebration of life and health. Embracing the beauty of aging, she dismisses societal pressures, finding joy and contentment in the present moment.

Penelope Cruz’s unwavering authenticity and resilience serve as a beacon of inspiration, challenging conventional norms and advocating for self-acceptance in an industry often preoccupied with superficiality.