President Joe Biden took on his general election foe

President Joe Biden delivered a passionate State of the Union speech on Thursday night, where he addressed various challenges to democracy and freedoms both domestically and internationally.

He fearlessly confronted the Supreme Court, congressional Republicans, and others whom he believed posed a threat to the nation. This politically charged and assertive address marked a significant moment in American democracy, as it was Biden’s final national speech before the upcoming election.

Without directly mentioning Donald Trump, Biden openly criticized the actions and rhetoric of his predecessor, leaving no room for ambiguity.

“My predecessor and certain individuals among you are determined to conceal the truth regarding Jan. 6. I, however, refuse to partake in such actions. This is the opportune moment to express the truth,” stated Biden from within the very chamber that was assaulted on that fateful day in 2021.

“Here is the fundamental truth: Patriotism cannot be limited to moments of triumph,” proclaimed Biden, eliciting enthusiastic applause from the Democratic faction of the chamber.

Expanding upon the theme of freedom within domestic policies, Biden vehemently criticized the dismantling of Roe v. Wade, highlighting the plight of women who have suffered due to new prohibitions and constraints on abortion. In a bold and confrontational move, Biden directed his condemnation towards the stoic Supreme Court justices seated in the front row, emphasizing his disapproval of the 2022 ruling that revoked the guaranteed right to abortion.

“With all due respect, justices, women possess both electoral and political influence. Soon enough, you will comprehend the extent of it,” asserted Biden. Addressing Republicans who are determined to enforce a nationwide ban on abortion, he added, “Goodness gracious, what other freedoms will you strip away?”

The president recollected the words of a revered Republican president, Ronald Reagan, who urged former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to “demolish this barrier.” Biden pointed out that his predecessor, Trump, has adopted the opposite approach towards a Russian dictator who invaded Ukraine over two years ago.

“Now, my predecessor, a former Republican president, advises Putin to ‘do whatever the hell you want.’ That is a direct quote. A former president actually uttered those words, displaying subservience to a Russian leader. I find it appalling, perilous, and utterly unacceptable,” expressed Biden.

“We must confront Putin,” declared Biden. “We shall not abandon Ukraine. We shall not submit. I shall not submit.”

If Republicans had anticipated a subdued and weary-looking Biden, reinforcing the perception of an elderly man unfit for a second term, they were mistaken on Thursday night.

Biden was ablaze with his impassioned rhetoric and delivery – to the extent that critics on social media questioned why he was raising his voice so fervently. His prepared speech contained a staggering 81 exclamation points.