Rolls-Royce recently revealed the Arcadia Droptail luxury vehicle, touted as the priciest car globally

Rolls-Royce has revealed the Arcadia Droptail luxury car, priced at a staggering $31 million.

This vehicle, aptly named “Heaven on Earth,” has earned the title of the world’s most expensive car. Interestingly, it was commissioned by an anonymous customer who actively participated in every stage of its development.

The Arcadia Droptail boasts a sleek and opulent design, complete with a powerful V-12 engine and 22-inch alloy wheels. Its aesthetic is further enhanced by the presence of wooden accents, reminiscent of a luxurious yacht.

Notably, the car’s interior features “the most intricate timepiece ever showcased by Rolls-Royce.” Even the panel and other internal components are crafted from wood, with a staggering 8,000 hours dedicated solely to the woodwork.

Surprisingly, the inspiration for this remarkable vehicle came from the wooden floor plan, which consists of an impressive 233 individual pieces. “It served as the catalyst for the entire project,” revealed Alex Innes, the head of Coachbuild at Rolls-Royce, in an interview with Forbes.

The Arcadia Droptail is the third installment in a series of four cars. In August, Rolls-Royce introduced a similar red car, believed to carry a price tag of $30 million.