Scheana Shay feels Ariana Madix is ​​”ignoring” her feelings and says she wants to be on “DWTS,” too

Scheana Shay expressed her feelings of not always receiving support from Ariana Madix in a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules.

During the episode, Scheana became emotional after a fan photo of her and Tom Sandoval circulated online, causing backlash due to Sandoval’s cheating scandal with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss. Scheana received hate on social media for seemingly being friends with Sandoval after his infidelity towards Ariana.

When Lala Kent asked if Ariana defended Scheana from the online criticism, Scheana responded, “No. Of course not.” She explained that when she tries to talk to Ariana about her struggles, Ariana either dismisses her feelings or tells her she shouldn’t feel that way because Sandoval is a bad person. Scheana expressed her frustration, saying, “I know, but I’m telling you that I’m struggling.”

Lala reassured Scheana that her feelings are valid and mentioned that Ariana is doing well in her career. She reminded Scheana that Ariana deserves her success and the support she has received.

In March 2023, news broke about Sandoval and Ariana ending their relationship due to his infidelity. Ariana received public support and went on to join season 32 of Dancing With the Stars, book a role in Broadway’s Chicago, and release a cocktail book titled Single AF Cocktails.

During the episode, Scheana maintained that she was genuinely happy for Ariana’s success. She mentioned how she had wanted to be on Dancing With the Stars but expressed her happiness for Ariana getting the opportunity.

Scheana emphasized that Ariana deserves everything she is achieving and that she is glad Ariana didn’t spiral into a dark place. However, Scheana also acknowledged her own pain and the loss of a dear friend. She expressed her frustration that she is not allowed to have a moment where the focus is on her and her feelings, as it always seems to revolve around Ariana.

In a confessional, Lala publicly criticized Ariana for allegedly not supporting Scheana. Lala emphasized the importance of Ariana recognizing her true friends and the support they have provided her. Before long, Ariana issued a public statement in defense of Scheana, highlighting the loyalty Scheana has shown her since the beginning and urging Ariana to reciprocate the support.

The Vanderpump Rules cast faced division following the Scandoval incident. Initially, Sandoval’s relationships were strained with everyone except Tom Schwartz. However, during the filming of season 11, he began to mend fences with his co-stars James Kennedy, Brock Davies, and Lala.