Sydney Sweeney Gracefully Declines ‘SNL’ Comedian’s Proposal in Recent Promotional Video

Sydney Sweeney Gracefully Declines ‘SNL’ Comedian’s Proposal in Recent Promotional Video

In the latest teaser for Saturday Night Live, Sydney Sweeney, 26, amusingly turned down comedian Michael Longfellow, 30. The Euphoria actress made an appearance in the promotional video on February 28, just three days before her hosting debut.

In the clip, the stunning blonde was seen walking through Studio 8H when she accidentally collided with the actor on set. “I apologize!” Michael exclaimed as the two collided. During a break from rehearsal, Sydney encountered Michael again while engrossed in the novel Kafka on the Shore.

“No, it’s my fault, I’m sorry!” she apologized to the SNL regular (watch here). After Michael picked up the Haruki Murakami book, he tried to ask the 26-year-old out on a date.

“You know, this is one of my all-time favorite books,” Michael gushed. Just then, the studio lights turned pink and romantic music filled the air.

“This is crazy, but would you ever maybe want to…,” he began, but Sydney was already seen walking away. “Oh, she left a while ago. Cool. Whatever, I didn’t like this book anyways.” When the romantic ambiance returned, Michael quickly requested the team to abandon the vibe.

“She said no. It didn’t work. Thank you, though,” the 30-year-old exclaimed. Sydney will be hosting the March 2 episode of the comedy sketch show, with Kacey Musgraves as the musical guest. After the video was shared on social media, many of Sydney’s fans took to the comments to react.

“Put this man in more sketches, thanks [sic],” one admirer wrote, while another playfully dubbed him “Michael Smoothfellow.” Others couldn’t help but admire Sydney in the video.

“She’s beautiful,” a third fan expressed, while a fourth chimed in with, “She’s how any of us would be with Sydney.” For the promotional clip, the talented actress rocked a denim ensemble consisting of a button-up jacket and matching trousers.