The happiest cities in the world have been named

The happiest cities in the world have been named

In total, the researchers analyzed 200 cities around the world.

The Danish port city of Aarhus was recognized as the city in the world with the happiest residents in 2023. It is the second largest city in Denmark, located in the east of the Jutland Peninsula , approximately 187 km from the capital Copenhagen.

In principle, the winning city was not something completely unexpected, because residents of Scandinavian countries are almost always recognized as the happiest.

To determine the winner of the Happy City Index 2023 rating , the British research company Institute for Quality of Life analyzed 200 cities around the world. Among other things, indicators such as education, inclusive policies, economics, mobility, environmental protection, access to green areas, innovation, natural conditions, exposure to disasters and much more were taken into account, affecting the happiness of residents of a particular city.

At the same time, they decided to conditionally divide the cities into three categories – golden cities (1-23 places), silver (24-100) and bronze (101-200).

Top 10 happiest cities in the world in 2023

1. Aarhus, Denmark (1614.2 points).

2. Zurich, Switzerland (1611). 

3. Vancouver, Canada (1605).

4. New York, USA (1602).

5. Geneva, Switzerland (1599.9).

6. Montreal, Canada (1596.5).

7. London, Great Britain (1586.9).

8. Brisbane, Australia (1585.2).

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands (1578,1).

10. San Francisco, USA (1577.1).