Thieves broke into a North Hollywood building with a truck

Thieves broke into a North Hollywood building with a truck

In the early hours of Monday, at approximately 3:30 a.m., officers from the Los Angeles Police Department swiftly intervened when they received a report regarding an ongoing burglary in the 10800 block of Burbank Boulevard, situated close to Vineland Avenue.

The informant informed the authorities that the perpetrators employed a sizable rental truck, specifically a U-Haul, to forcefully breach the gates and garage of the targeted establishment.

After receiving the report of the burglary, the police promptly took action by launching a thorough search in a wide area surrounding the crime scene. SkyCal’s aerial coverage offered a bird’s eye view of the operation, showing the moment when at least one suspect was apprehended.

This quick response demonstrates the LAPD’s commitment to addressing the situation seriously, even though the number of individuals involved in the burglary is still unknown.

The investigation is ongoing, with law enforcement officers focused on unraveling the events that led to the crime, including the source of the U-Haul truck.