What are the unhealthiest spices

What are the unhealthiest spices

Three popular spices can damage the digestive organs and kidneys, according to shantnews, gastroenterologist and endocrinologist Dilara Lebedeva warned. He listed the most harmful spices for the stomach in his Telegram channel.

First of all, he pointed out the dangers of rosemary. According to the doctor, it is harmful to the kidneys and is contraindicated for pregnant women.

“Firstly, because of the diuretic effect, and secondly, it increases uterine contractions. The spice is also harmful for those suffering from high blood pressure and stomach ulcers,” he explained.

In addition, Lebedeva urged caution when including red pepper in your diet.

“It is prohibited in case of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, it increases blood pressure, so it is not recommended for hypertensive patients. Pepper accelerates the production of the hunger hormone, which can lead to overeating and excess weight,” he wrote.

Finally, the doctor warned about the danger of cloves, which is also prohibited in the case of gastrointestinal tract diseases, especially ulcers. In addition, the gastroenterologist explained that a large amount of cloves causes drowsiness and apathy.