How to take care of skin in cold weather

Proper skin care is necessary at any time of the year, but especially in winter it becomes more important. after all, in winter the skin becomes more sensitive to snow, wind, cold, dry weather and temperature fluctuations. It is possible to take care of the skin both at home and in various specialized salons.

The important thing is to maintain consistency and not stop the daily care, otherwise you will not get results.

In winter, the skin of the face is stressed. first the warmth of the house, then the cold winter air outside. Note that you should not wash or use moisturizers before leaving home. the wind evaporates the water from the skin and it dries out even more.

And if the skin is already dry, it will lead to roughness and flaking of the skin. For this, it is necessary to wash or use moisturizing creams 1.5-2 hours before leaving the house.

The same thing happens with the lips. they lose their elasticity and shine, the skin becomes dry and cracked. To avoid the problem, it is necessary to use a lip balm and take care of them with special materials at night.

It is desirable that these substances are creamy, but not as much as the familiar vaselines and paraffin. although they provide good protection against the cold, due to their oil saturation they clog the pores and prevent the skin from breathing.

It is preferable to use products containing vegetable oils that have restorative properties.

Also, don’t forget that wearing sunglasses is more necessary in winter than in summer. isn’t the sun reflected through the snow?