Is it possible to eat oatmeal for breakfast or not: a nutritionist gave the answer

Oatmeal is considered a complete and balanced breakfast that suits everyone. But this is not always the case, and the benefits of cereal or instant porridge are completely questionable.

Nutritionist Lyudmila Goncharova told UNIAN which oatmeal for breakfast will be really healthy, and what you shouldn’t eat in the morning at all.  

Oatmeal for breakfast – benefits and harm

Why is oatmeal good for breakfast and why is it considered an ideal option in the morning? Oatmeal is rich in microelements, organic acids and vitamins, due to which it has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the body.

But its benefits largely depend on the type of oatmeal and the method of preparing the porridge.

According to nutritionist Lyudmila Goncharova, it is useful to have oatmeal for breakfast if a person does not have problems with the digestibility of the product:

“That is, you digest the oatmeal protein or parts of it, for example, gluten. Carbohydrates that are in oatmeal. Because this is a carbohydrate intake food.”

In addition, the digestibility of oatmeal in a healthy person also depends on the method of its preparation. “If you cook with milk, it will be less digestible. It’s better to cook porridge with water. And if it’s grain, it will be better for the gastrointestinal tract,” notes Goncharova. 

Usually, the doctor adds, people buy oatmeal in flakes, but such porridge has practically no vitamins and minerals due to the heat treatment that the grain undergoes. It is much better to cook porridge from flattened or whole grains. Yes, it will take longer to cook, but the benefits will be obvious.

Also, the benefits of oatmeal largely depend on what you add to it: sugar, jam, berries or fruits. “If you use berries, fresh or frozen, this will be the best option for preparing this porridge,” says Goncharova.

So, which oatmeal is the healthiest :

  • made from whole or rolled grains (not flakes);
  • cooked in water;
  • with additives in the form of fresh or frozen berries/fruits.

An alternative to oatmeal for breakfast can be any other that your body digests well – for example, millet, buckwheat, corn. In addition to porridge, any breakfast made from natural products will also be useful. “Baked meat with salad, lettuce, herbs. Or eggs with herbs, lettuce, olive oil,” the doctor advises. 

At the same time, the worst breakfast is made from refined foods. “These are baked goods, some croissants, cakes, sweets, jams. This is not a very good breakfast… That is, refined foods are the foods with the least benefit. Sausages, smoked cheeses,” the nutritionist explained.