Katy Perry will perform at Asia’s richest man’s son’s second pre-wedding bash

Katy Perry will perform at Asia’s richest man’s son’s second pre-wedding bash

The cruise ship, on which the second pre-wedding celebration of Asia’s richest man Mukesh Ambani‘s son Anant and his bride Radhika Merchant is taking place, has set off from Palermo. The luxury yacht has 800 guests and 600 crew members, The Sunday Times reports.

The ship will make several stops in famous European cities such as Rome, Cannes and Portofino.

The theme of the cruise is “La vita è un viaggio” (life is a journey), the publication reports. This theme is also spread over all the famous dishes from Indian, Italian and French cuisines served to the ship’s guests, as well as the planned events, including the masquerade and the Roman party.

Katy Perry will provide entertainment for guests and future newlyweds. The Sun reported that the 39-year-old singer will perform at the couple’s masquerade in Cannes on Friday.

The source says the ship will stop in the French city, after which guests will travel to a “£40 million” estate to continue the “big party”. “The party itself will last five hours, it will be led by Katy, and there will also be a DJ. Then the guests will be served with huge fireworks.”

“When they say they spared no expense, they really mean it,” added the source.

Katy Perry is also likely to receive a huge royalty. According to Forbes, Rihanna, who sang at the couple’s first pre-wedding event, received £5 million for her performance.

It should be noted that the American group Backstreet Boys sang for the guests on the day of departure.

Ambani and Merchant are going to get married in July.