Martell unveiled the priciest brandy globally, valued at 1.1 million dollars

Martell unveiled the priciest brandy globally, valued at 1.1 million dollars

Les Remarkables de Martell is an opulent cognac that can also be presented as an extravagant gem. This cognac, one of the most expensive in the world, is created by blending two spirits from the Grande Champagne region.

The exclusivity of this blend can be attributed to the fact that it consists of two cognacs, each aged for 70 years, carefully selected by cellar master Christoph Valto. One of these cognacs is aged longer in an oak barrel, resulting in a robust and intense aroma with distinct notes of cedar. The second cognac is fresh and vibrant, with hints of honey, white flowers, and sweet fruits.

A blend as exceptional as L’Or Réserve du Château de Chanteloup deserves a bottle that is equally dazzling. French artist Laurentina Perrilleau, renowned for her macramé craftsmanship, has added a luxurious touch to the product by incorporating gold threads. “My aim was to make the invisible visible,” he explained, “from the depths of the earth to the radiance of the sun, from the roots of the soil to the leaves reaching towards the light.”

The gold threads symbolize the roots and are adorned with small gold accents that enhance the bottle’s glamour. The masterpiece is further enhanced by three synthetic sapphires and one diamond set in 22-carat gold, as well as 40 cabochons crafted from 300-year-old oak.

Maison Martell also offers bespoke accessories, including a set of six Baccarat glasses, a macramé-style bottle decoration, and a pair of white gloves to enhance your unique tasting experience. Les Remarkables de Martell is expected to be priced at approximately $1.1 million.