What will the PlayStation 5 Pro be like: the characteristics and price of the console are already known

Rumors about new Sony PlayStation consoles are being actively discussed on the Internet. Just recently, an insider revealed interesting details about the PS6 , and a fresh “leak” is already shedding light on the characteristics of the PS5 Pro, as well as the likely price of the upcoming console.

According to the latest reports, Sony is considering releasing a PS5 Pro without a disc drive, meaning an all-digital version that will cost $500. That is, the same amount as a regular PS5 at the start of sales in 2020.

The transition from PlayStation 5 to PS5 Pro is expected to be more significant than the transition from PS4 to PS4 Pro. The processor of the updated console will be manufactured using 4nm technology, and RDNA 3 graphics will offer 60 computing units versus 36 in the current model. Memory bandwidth will also increase.

It is mentioned that all these improvements could include higher frame rates in games at the same settings or increasing the resolution of games to 8K – there are already TVs on the market that support this resolution. And the PS5 Pro will hit store shelves during the holidays in 2024.

Also, the author of the YouTube channel Moore’s Law Is Dead once again confirmed the rumors about the PS Vita 2.  At the moment, Sony is allegedly considering two options: either it will be a portable device capable of running games from PS4 and PS5, or a pocket version of the PlayStation 6. 

We can also expect the release of the updated Xbox Series X/S line in the fall of 2024 . It is mentioned that the older console will have a cylindrical body and there will be a version with a 2 terabyte SSD. And energy consumption will decrease by 15%.

And next month, if you believe the rumors, we will see the announcement of the Nintendo Switch 2. They say that the second generation of the device will receive an  8-inch IPS screen ,  PS5-level graphics , and the price  will rise to $400.