Interesting facts about dreams

Interesting facts about dreams

Dreams of blind people. People who are blind from birth can see images in their dreams. Those who are born blind do not see images, pictures, but have equally colorful dreams in the form of taste, smell sound touch and emotions.

You forget 90% of your dreams. 5 minutes after waking up, half of the dream is forgotten, after 10 minutes 90% is forgotten.

All people have dreams. All human beings (except those with extreme psychological disorders), whether male or female, sleep and dream. Men are more likely to see men in their dreams, while women see both men and women equally.

We dream of what we know. Sometimes our dreams are full of strangers, but do you know that your mind did not make up their faces, they are real faces, real people that you have seen in your life, walking down the street or in a crowded place, you just don’t recognize and remember. For example, the unknown killer you saw in your dream could be the person who filled your father’s car with gas when you were a small child. We all see 10,000 faces a day, so our brain has a large store of faces and events that it uses in dreams.

Not everyone dreams in color. About 12% of dreams are black and white. There are people who have dreams with different plots. But it is still not clear whether black and white dreams or colored dreams are more emotional.

Dreams are not about what you see. If you dream about a specific object, it doesn’t mean that the dream is about it. Dreams have a deep symbolic language. the unconscious mind tries to compare your dream to other things it identifies with. So the symbols in your dreams are less likely to be reproductions of symbols that actually exist.

More colorful dreams after quitting smoking.  People who have used cigarettes for a long time and then quit have more colorful dreams than ever before. According to the Journal of Anomalous Psychology, 33% of non-smokers have 1 smoking dream within 1-4 weeks. In many dreams, their smoking process was accompanied by guilt and negative emotions. Dreams about smoking are a result of the fight against tobacco. But all the dreams were more colorful than usual.

External impulses intrude into dreams. It’s called dream integration, and it’s an experience most of us have had that was inspired by real life. A similar example is when you are actually thirsty and your mind associates that feeling with your dream, after which you may start drinking a large glass of water in the dream, but of course this does not help to quench the real thirst, after a short while the thirsty mind starts again. is in a dream until you wake up and drink water.

Are you immobilized while sleeping? Believe it or not, you become virtually immobile during your sleep (probably to prevent your body from actually performing the actions of your dreams). The tonsils begin to produce a hormone that helps promote sleep and neurons send an impulse to the spine that weakens the body and then becomes paralyzed.

A few other important facts. Babies do not dream about themselves until they are 3 years old. It is from that age that children have more nightmares.